Pricing + Services


Initial consultation is free. All services can be applied to both B2B and B2C campaigns. This rate card provides a snapshot of what I can do, but will be customized to suit your project needs.


Content Creation

$150/hour —  Production of any original content including but not limited to blog posts, whitepapers, sponsored articles, speeches, and/or optimization of past content such as sales collateral. 

Content Promotion

$150/hour — Developing a social media and/or paid marketing strategy to promote blogs posts and/or long-form content

Design Guidance

$100/hour — Working with the organization’s design team and/or an outside contractor to visualize copy.

Survey Analysis

$150/hour —  Analyzing raw data of the surveys produced to draw insights and build narratives for reporting.

Survey Creation

$100/hour —  Optimizing current surveys for new use and/or creating new surveys that are relevant to the project scope and goals. 

Industry Research

$100/hour —  Investigating past, current, and predicted trends that may be relevant to the project scope. 

Materials Review

$100/hour — Reviewing an organization’s current materials that are relevant to the project. This includes reviewing past content and collateral.

Project Management

$100/hour — Defining, planning, scheduling, and controlling of the tasks that must be completed to reach your goal and the allocation of the resources to perform those tasks. Project Management involves balancing the tradeoffs between time, cost & scope to create the best possible end product.