Karina is extremely effective at delivering marketing support to enable sales teams. She developed a deep understanding of our sales process that enabled her to simplify and focus our message.
— Michael Wehner, GM, FastPay
I’ve worked with Karina on a number of projects across multiple companies. She is both an absolute pleasure to work with and someone who I can count on to always deliver results. This is a rare combination, and the reason I have called upon her many times.
— Jared Skolnick, Head of Product Marketing, Triplelift
Karina Vasquez is the swiss army knife of marketers. Whether it was localizing our brand voice in Mexico City, crafting sales narratives for our sales and marketing teams, and developing product marketing structure for our launch of AWLearn, our VOD eLearning platform, Karina brought a level of expertise that we needed.
— Matt Greenberg, CRO, Advertising Week