Brands I've Helped

I collaborate with brands that put humans first and disrupt industries in doing so. I create content that is always authentic and strives to not only inform, but to also educate and provoke debate. Below you'll find some of the brands I've recently worked with. Contact me for a full portfolio list. 


Creating Thought Leadership

Leveraging pioneering computer vision technology, TripleLift seamlessly transforms visual content like images and videos into native ads that match the unique look and feel of a publisher’s website, leaving a reader's experience, uninterrupted. In an effort to match the brand's voice with their unsurpassed technology, I wrote several articles and a 12-page whitepaper on Triple Lift's behalf. 


Redesigning Coursework

I worked with St. John's University to redesign their multimedia courses to focus on storytelling rather than having students focus on simply learning software. By combining technical education with quality writing, students were able to create a series of podcasts and short videos, in turn helping them to create a strong body of work. 


Cultural Liaising 

During their 2018, inaugural Latin American edition, I joined Advertising Week in Mexico City to manage their social media efforts in Spanish and English.